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Free Yourself From Social Expectations

Life can feel like a labyrinth of “shoulds” as marriage, motherhood, mortgages and career milestones hem us into lives that don’t feel like our own. And many of us could be in danger of designing our days to meet the expectations of others, be it family, friends or society as a whole, rather than pleasing ourselves. So, how can women live free from these limitations?

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Dandelion days are here at last!

Don’t you just love this time of year, when you can feel the giddiness of spring in the air, the colours in the garden slowly appearing, birds busily building nests, green shoots appearing on the trees as if by magic, and that sudden explosion of yellow…a sea of dandelions. Dandelions are one of those flowers that close at night or in dull weather but open when the sun shines.

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