Meet the Saol team

Tonya Keane, Founder & Editor of Saol

After recovering from chronic illness, and seeing first hand what it took not only to recover but also to remain healthy and hearty, I witnessed first hand what that entails. My journey led me to seek out what it means to be truly healthy.

I am truly grateful to have a second chance at a new and beautiful life.

As women we live in a fast paced world rife with social media and images of perfection. We don’t feel good enough and question at times whether we are doing enough. Through all the noise we have stopped tuning into our needs and wants.

We have forgotten what it is that nourishes us, we forget that we matter. Our actions tell everyone else how important they are and where we come in the pecking order is usually near the bottom, a mere afterthought, and we wonder why we feel so disoriented and tired to the core. Sound familiar?

Being healthy and happy is real, and I am looking forward to having you onboard, sharing with you what it truly means to be healthy and thriving.

Tonya x

Tonya is a Nutritional therapist,Functional MedicinePractitioner, food product /recipe developer, professional chef and a motivational speaker passionate about Women’s health and wellbeing.

Tonya is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Nutrition, Food and Health in University College Dublin whilst also studying with The Functional Medicine University USA.

Saol (life) is about your life, about learning to take care of your mind, eating healthy foods, nourishing your soul and caring for the beautiful world we live in.


Andjela Jovanovic, Social Media Manager at SAOL

Andjela Jovanovic is passionate about creativity, storytelling, and design.

Her learning journey began 2014, when her little jewelry brand stepped into the world of Social Media. In order to stand out, she had to learn everything about Social Media Marketing, and she immediately loved it.

Little by little, she got her first job as a Social Media Assistant where she worked on content creation, photo & video editing and managing social media profiles. Working closely with Magazine Co-owners gave Andjela an unclose look at remote work and social media insights in depth. After that, she decided to sail into the freelance world, where she met Tonya, founder of SAOL.

At SAOL Andjela is responsible for content creation, managing Social Media Channels, engaging with SAOL's audience , answering media questions and enquiries . Here at SAOL we adore her feminine touch in all our designs from graphics to pdfs, blog posts, social media design.